Serving The Community

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I forgot the rush of excitement that serving my community brings. I forgot what happens when people witness a group of “church folk” outside of the church walls and see us BEING Jesus. And honestly, I forgot how incredibly simple it is.

On Sunday, about twenty Calvary volunteers agreed to try something different…we assisted with the Annapolis 10 Miler in a couple of ways. We offered a brief pre-race worship service and blessing and then we set up and handed out bananas, bagels, and fruit bars to the over 2500 runners as they completed the race.

The question is why? Why would we support this race? Because honestly, being at the race took away from our own Sunday worship. The race itself is a hassle for us – it brings down our worship attendance and our offering. Well, it’s simple why we did it. The church does not exist for its members. The church exists for those who don’t yet know the grace and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. This is hard for some of us to chew. Maybe even a little bitter or sour.

The sweet spot of the life of the church is knowing who Jesus is and how to get filled by our ministries and then LEAVING the building and sharing it with people who have little or no idea of the grace we have experienced.

Where’s your sweet spot? I found mine on Sunday at a Ten Mile Race in my town. I’m looking for my next one.

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