Covenant Discipleship Groups are small confidential groups who share life's joys and challenges. We seek the advice and support of each other as we trust in the presence and guidance of the Holy Spirit. Discipleship groups help to form people as dependable and mature disciples of Jesus Christ and leaders in discipleship. Experience and tradition tell us that disciples make disciples. The Wesleyan tradition provides us with a proven and effective method for disciple-making in the 21st century.

Live the Christian life you were called to more fully and in fellowship with others seeking to do the same, through this Wesleyan model.

  • Do no harm, by avoiding evil of every kind.
  • Do good, as often as you can to as many as you can.
  • Attend to the ordinances of God (regular worship, study and meditation on Scripture, the Lord’s Supper, family and private prayer, and fasting or abstinence).

We welcome anyone who:

  • Seeks to live a Christian life more fully
  • Is willing to commit them self to the Covenant Discipleship group process—to “watch over one another in love”

The Weekly Meeting
Covenant Discipleship groups are leader- directed. Leadership rotates from week to week, the leader acting as a facilitator (not an authority figure). Each member shares their progress and challenges in meeting the goals of their covenant, and group members provide one another encouragement and support for their continuing walk with Christ.

For additional information visit the Covenant Discipleship website or Contact Nancy Mills.