Calvary’s Cupboard is a ministry of Calvary UMC and was originally created to serve food insecure people on a weekly basis. We serve all who request assistance. Our typical guests are people who are temporarily short of funds and just need a “hug” to affirm their worth to us. We trust that they accept our gifts of one grocery bag full of nutritious, shelf-stable food and feel filled up spiritually as well as physically.

Our volunteers are those who enjoy working directly with other people. Using church funds, volunteers shop for much of the food based on a list developed through observation and conversation with the guests. We then distribute the food to those in need, without an intermediary, on a rotating basis. New volunteers have the chance to “shadow” experienced ones, and will receive training before starting this work. Most volunteers serve once or twice a month, on a flexible schedule.

“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in.” – Matt. 25:35

FAQ’s Concerning Calvary’s Cupboard

Who is served?
People who self-identify as needing food. We do not check their legal status or maintain records of their attendance. Many of the guests report that they receive other assistance as well, but cannot make it through the week without our contribution.

What do volunteers do?
The main duties are shopping for the food, stocking the shelves, and working with a partner to distribute food at the Cupboard.

When is it open?
Wednesday mornings, 9:30-11:30. Volunteers arrive a little early to set up, and then stay about 15 minutes to inventory remaining food.

What do we distribute?
Shelf-stable food, including canned goods, boxed items, and non-refrigerated milk. We do not provide perishable food or non-food items. Our focus is on relieving hunger for those of very limited resources.

Where is it located?
In the library on the ground floor of our church. Take a look some Sunday morning!

Why is this needed?
Many of the working poor do not qualify for other help, or have experienced difficulty in accessing certain social services. We provide a temporary “fix”, not long-term aid.

When can I get some training?
We schedule new potential volunteers to shadow current volunteers. Those who want to serve in the Cupboard will be trained on Wednesday mornings. Those who want to shop for the Cupboard will be scheduled to accompany a shopper at a mutually convenient time.

Whom should I contact to get started?
Judy Chamberlain ( or Joyce Conley (

Where does the food come from?
Members of the congregation donate food on a regular basis. This is supplemented by weekly purchases from local grocery stores, using funds donated by the congregation.

How much money do we spend each month (average)?
We spend whatever we have available, which has averaged $600 per month this year. When donations fluctuate, we adjust.

How can I help if I am not in Annapolis all year?
We do have several volunteers who are seasonal residents. It is easy to schedule your shifts for the months when you are available.